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Our History

The SCYC was founded in 1990 as a fraternal organization to provide an atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie among its fellow members in the Alexandria, Virginia area. The club has evolved into a civic-minded organization intent on setting a good example in the community.

The club’s charitable focus has been to dispense goodwill to less fortunate children in the Alexandria area. The large portion of that endeavor involves delivering food and gifts to those children during the holiday season. This annual holiday drive also honors the memory of C.S. Taylor Burke, Jr. (1922-2000).

For over a decade, the organization has provided nearly a month’s supply of food to deserving families with the professional guidance of participating school officials and the support of their PTAs.

In 1994, seven families chosen by the school officials at Lyles Crouch received several weeks’ worth of food and staples. Additionally, a gift card for each child was given to the head of the household. By 2005, the effort had grown to over 40 families in the Lyles Crouch and Matthew Maury elementary schools.

Also receiving food and food gift certificates were all the active shelters in the Alexandria area, bringing the total number of children and family members reached in 2005 to over 200.

In recent years the club has been able to expand its efforts to assisting shelter families that graduate to self-subsistence, providing uniforms for school children, and aiding disaster victims and others befallen by tragedy.

The SCYC is a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation. Our tax ID number is available upon request.