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    The SCYC Is Participating in Spring2Action!!

    The SCYC Delivers Gift Cards to Needy Families for the Holiday School Break

    Although this year did not affect us as much as 2020 had, it has been challenging. Small non-profits like us still struggled to bring in funds. But thanks to our generous members and following, and the fact that we could once again have events starting in the fall, the SCYC still found a way to accomplish it’s goal of helping those in need during the Holiday School Break. 

    Instead of providing actual food, the schools were not able to let us have a Food Drop this year, we once again provided gift cards to families in need for the Holiday Break. 

    I am pleased to announce that we were able ot provide gift cards to 40 families from both Maury Elementary and Jefferson-Houston Elementary.  Each family received $200.00 gift card from the SCYC in time for the Holiday Break. As usual, the schools selected the families and distributed the gift cards. 

    We’d like to thank everyone who generously donated to us and attended the few events we were able to have this year.  Your support is what made these gift cards possible and helped us provide for more families than we expected to be able to help. 

    The SCYC plans to be back in full force in the Spring of 2022, if the situation allows. Stay tuned for fun events. 

    Our mission is to improve the lives of the impoverished and distressed in our community by organizing the caring power of our members and supporters. Our passion is to help anchor our society by reducing the effects of poverty on our youth and helping them reach their fullest potential. We are friends gathering for the less fortunate

    The SCYC is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Tax identification is available on request. 

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